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Kings Locker Room: Korpisalo’s First Win & Roy on Gavrikov

Hear from Korpisalo, Roy and Todd McLellan postgame.



To make it three straight wins, the Los Angeles Kings beat the St. Louis Blues 4-2 at Arena.

It was also Joonas Korpisalo's first win in a Kings uniform and the first game of Vladislav Gavrikov paired with Matt Roy.

Both Korpisalo and that pairing impressed.

Hear from Korpisalo, Roy and Todd McLellan postgame.

Korpisalo on his first win with the Kings:

It's awesome, awesome game. Guys played really well and helped me a lot today. Especially in the end, after they scored their second goal, I don't think they had any shots after. So, boys did a great job today.

On what it means to get the win in a playoff race:

It's awesome. These are the games you enjoy the most. There's pressure, but you play for these games. It's exciting.

On any adjustments he had to make coming to a new team:

I don't think (so), as a goalie, I just need to see the puck and stop it. There's some stuff with the puck I need to get more comfortable with, so yeah, I'm going to work on that.

On if he felt calm in net:

I feel like I had pretty busy feet, especially in the first period. A little nervous you know but that kind of went on. Felt myself in the second and third. But, yeah, felt good.


On watching Gavrikov have another good game:

He played great today, he's a great penalty killer and battles hard.

Roy on if having someone on their strong side helps his game:

I'm not really sure, him (Gavrikov) and Durz(i) are two completely different players. They both bring different aspects to the game in a positive way. It was nice playing with Gav(rikov) today. He's a quiet player, in a good way though. He's always in position, he's always doing the right thing he's got a great stick. He just makes it easy to play with.

On the instant chemistry with Gavrikov:

New partners, I think we were just keeping it simple. Just trying to play positionally sound, just trying to be predictable for each other.

On if he and Gavrikov play a similar style:

Yeah, I think so, I'm still learning about him as a player. But, he's not afraid to jump in the rush just like I am and he focuses on defense as well. I think it was a nice compliment out there and I'm excited to see what else he has.

On how comfortable the team is in tight games late:

Well, I think we're learning. Haven't shown that in the past. Moving forward I think we're going to have some confidence and, like I said, we know we need to lock it down each game. So that's what we're going to do.


McLellan on Byfield:

He's fine.

On how comfortable this team is in tight games late:

I think we are comfortable. It would be nice not to be in that situation. But we're comfortable on both sides of it. We believe we can come back, we've shown that. And we do believe we can hold the lead. There's no such thing as perfect, we've been bit a little bit there too. Our goaltending is solid our d(efense) know what they need to do. And our forwards, for the most part, get the job done. For as much as you'd like to win 5-0 each night, playing these games once they're over and you do win them is good for us. 

On what he liked from Korpisalo:

I thought he looked really confident. Not easy to play with a new team, not understanding the calls or touches or what may or may not happen. I think part of goaltending is predictability. You're coming into a situation where you don't really know the team at all. He made some really good saves. I think of the deflection in, I think it was the second period, a slot shot, from behind our net. Figured out the penalty kill and where we're rotating to and the things we need to do. So, he looked really good.

On what he liked about the Gavrikov and Roy pairing:

I thought, again, they both played solid games. They killed plays when they needed to kill plays. I saw some offensive instincts from Gavrikov tonight where he jumped in and went to holes and kept alive some offensive plays. And I was told he has that in his game. On the other hand, we broke up a pretty good pair in Durzi and Roy and I think we saw Durzi in a different position that, he should be used to, but isn't. And now he has to retrieve a lot more and that has to get polished up. As we try and tinker around we help one and maybe hinder the other. But we want everybody flexible so they can play in and out of the lineup. 

On the fourth line:

They were better tonight, much better. Probably disappointed in their ice time early, but again, we take two penalties early. We get started in the game and we get rolling. I liked our start, we had good energy and then after the ten minute market, we take a penalty, kill it. Play another minute, take a penalty and we've got to kill it again. A lot of momentum is lost in rhythm. And our fourth line didn't get to go. But I thought they got it back in the second and third period.

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