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Kings Daily: Vilardi’s “B” Game, Bettman Addresses Boston Signing

Gabe Vilardi simply can’t be stopped, even when he has an off night.



Gabe Vilardi simply can't be stopped, even when he has an off night.

When the general consensus is you didn't have your best game, on a night you scored the game winning goal, you know things are going well. And that's exactly what happened with Gabe Vilardi. Who's team leading ninth goal was the difference on Saturday night.

Post game, Vilardi touched on this not being his best game and the confidence boost of still being trusted with shifts late.

"Yeah, for sure. Largely, two of those goals we were on the ice. The first one there, the Mikey Anderson own goal, that starts with me, I was the high guy and I didn’t do a good job, so that goal was largely on me. The other one, I felt like I dived in and Tkachuk made a nice play, but it is nice to help the team win offensively after that game. "

Todd McLellan then added his thoughts on Vilardi's game.

"He’s done a lot of good things for us, you know, he scored the winner tonight. You can’t play your best every night, it’s impossible. So what do you have in your “B” game and Gabe had a good enough “B” game to be effective tonight. He scored, we trusted him in the in the last few minutes of the game. He’s done a real good job this season."

It's a testament to Vilardi's growth over the last few months that McLellan is discussing his "B" game in such a positive light. Through the summer, his LA Kings career was hanging in the balance, and now his "B" game is scoring a game winner against the reigning President Trophy winners. 

For anyone who's counting, Vilardi's nine goals have him tied for third in the league, and puts him on pace for 53 goals. The big question with Vilardi is now, what happens when everything isn't going right for him? Well, he went a long way to answering that Saturday, proving he can still be effective on off nights. 

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