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Stano’s Daily: Kings Broadcast Team Ranked & Ranford on Petersen



Cal Petersen

On Wednesday, The Athletic published its annual ranking of the NHL broadcast teams, as determined by the fans.

The Los Angeles Kings broadcast team of Alex Faust and Jim Fox came in 12th, four spots higher than they ranked last season.

Most of the comments about the Kings’ duo highlighted Fox as the biggest reason for ranking so high. Fox was given high praise from both local and national audiences for his color commentary work.

The general feeling toward Faust was also positive. The general consensus was, he’s no Bob Miller, but he still does a good job.

Fully admitting my bias here, I would have ranked them higher. Alex and Jim are two of the nicest people in hockey and deserve all the praise they get for their work.

Kings, and Los Angeles sports fans in general, are fortunate to have such a strong broadcast team.

Ranford on Petersen:

Newly promoted director of goaltending Bill Ranford was recently on an episode of All the Kings Men, where he shared his opinions on where Cal Petersen is at with his game.

“Cal’s game, we sent him down with some things to work on, and he did,” said Ranford. “Is his game where it needs to be? No, and that’s our job this summer. To try and get back to the Cal Petersen we saw two years ago. And trust in his own game and trust in himself. Cleaning up some of those bad habits that crept into his game. That’s our job, that’s a big project for us this summer.”

As always, you should never put too much stock into one quote from someone. But this attitude toward Petersen’s game does fall in line with what Rob Blake said during his exit interview. That the Kings need Petersen to be an NHL caliber goalie.

The organization has been adamant since the day Petersen was sent down that they haven’t lost faith in him. And Ranford seemed to echo that sentiment in his answer.


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